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Curriculum Vitae (and other matters)

Professional experience

Det Kgl. Bibliotek - The Royal Danish Library (2016 —)

In 2016 Statsbiblioteket/the State and University Library and Det Kongelige Bibliotek/The Royal Danish Library underwent a merger to become national library of Denmark and under the new name of Det Kgl. Bibliotek/The Royal Danish Library.

Statsbiblioteket - The State and University Library, Denmark (2007 — 2015)

CCI Europe (1998 — 2007)

Educational qualifications

Degree Major/minor Institution Year
Master of Science Chemistry/physics and computer science University of Aarhus 1997
Studenter eksamen Matematisk-fysisk linie Hobro gymnasium 1988
Folkeskolens udvidede afgangsprøve Hadsund skole 1985

Publications, articles, and blogposts published elsewhere

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Skills and interests

To a high degree and presently practiced

To lesser degree

Book recommondations

Forgotten knowledge

Sinclair BASIC, Comal-80, GW BASIC, DOS, Trine, Beta, FORTRAN, C, Tcl/Tk, C++, Clojure, Java, Lotus 1•2•3, WordPerfect, speak Spanish, how to disassemble and assemble an M1 Garand rifle blindfolded, how to perform the Ashihara kumite kata sono yon, how to speak a bit of Japaneese, how to play the saxophone, how to play the "Beatles chords" on guitar, the first 100 digits of π, reciting the Ring Verse by heart, …


RStudio, Vim and Emacs, IntelliJ IDEA, R, tidyverse, and sparklyr, Maxima, gnuplot, Mathematica, Python, Applescript, Hortonworks Data Platform, macOS, CentOS, MacBook Pro Air, iPhone 6S XS, TWSBI Diamond 580AL fountain pen, Waterman Hémisphère fountain pen, 1934 Parker Vacumatic fountain pen and mechanical pencil, Palomino Blackwing pencils, Moleskine notebooks (a lot of them), 1972 Olympus OM-1 SLR camera …

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