Twisting Again

March 15, 2020

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A couple of years ago, I came across a video in which Dee Snider screamed his song We're Not Gonna Take It at a Trump rally -- with Trump at his side. That came as a bit of a chock or a rather abrupt disillusion.

In my late teens, the Stay Hungry album from Twisted Sister was one of my absolute favorite albums. I even drew the band's logo on school books and analyzed the lyrics in English class -- I was young. In the following three decades, the band kept being put on the record player, in the CD player, in the MD player, downloaded from Napster and streamed from Apple Music. Whenever I needed a rock injection or remembrance of days past, that album was one of my gotos.

Now, I knew that Dee Snider was probably not a Bernie Sanders fan. His opinions on society are not mine, some even very far from mine. Still, the music overruled that, just like with a lot of other artists and their art.

But the video from the Trump rally, made a full stop to that. After I saw it, I completely stopped listening to Twisted Sister. I even used the experience as an example of how you sometimes need to throw something away even though you actually like it, if you can't endorse the artist or person behind it.

Then I forgot about Twisted Sister.

Yesterday, I wanted to look into what actually happened to Dee Snider, and how he justifies his support for Trump.

But, lo and behold!! Dee Snider actually distanced himself from Trump some time ago. He was even adamant about not voting for him and them no longer being friends. Originally, he saw something rebellious in Trump, how he wanted to shake up the establishment, and he liked that. But, when Trump revealed his true colors and methods, Dee Snider jumped the ship. He even forbid the Trump organization to use his songs, specifically We're Not Gonna Take It!

Yay! LOUDER: Y A Y ! !

So, now Stay Hungry is back on the power play list! And I was once again reminded of the importance of checking the validity of things learned on the internet!

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