My Great Reading Challenge

March 29, 2016

At some point in the last couple of weeks, I again noticed how many unread books I have on the bookcases in my home. The oldest of them is Ulysses that I bought in 1995 and still haven't completed.

This time I decided to do something about all these unread books. I could throw them out or give them away to friends. But how should I choose which books to keep and which to part with?

That is when I came up with this challenge. I gathered all the unread books that I myself could get rid of. That is books my wife or children have no interest in. I stacked the books and photographed them

A Stack of Books Photograph

The Challenge

I must not acquire a new book until every single book in the above photograph have been either read or gotten rid of. It is going to be nice to finally finish Ulysses that has been standing on my shelves for more than two decades!

Tilbage til toppen af siden