Some writings

Analyse af Thøger Larsens digt Pan, som jeg læste det i gymnasiet
Vikingerne i Rusland
Min hovedopgave i gymnasiet om vikingernes togter til Rusland
En kalender over danske filmpremierer
Exploring the LOAR API
The Royal Danish Library has made public the OCR text of a large amount of newspapers published during the years from 1666 up to 1877. This newspaper collection is available at The Royal Library Open Access Repository LOAR
How I collect data
...or how I learned that home building is often better than buying stuff
In Search of HC Andersen
Using Wolfram Language and neural nets to identify images of H. C. Andersen
Twisting with the Sisters yet again
...or how I learned to be sceptic and double check online news
Leg med feature space
Jeg leger lidt med automatisk udtræk af features fra et lille datasæt
Genkendelse af ansigter
Jeg leger med ansigtsgenkendelse i Wolfram Language
When you need a new hair color
Playing with hair colors in the Wolfram Language
Who does the talking at The Office?
I found a transcript of The Office, and had some fun with it
Playing with the words of Hamilton
Being bored, hearing the lyrics of Hamilton from afar...
Surfer dude
Extracting a surfer-dudes speed from an image
Quick and Dirty Mac OS X global capturing of notes to org-mode
Capturing quick notes for Emacs org-mode from everywhere in macOS
Rumfartens historie
Min stil fra 1983 om rumfartens historie inklusiv et diagram over Saturn V raketten.
A Stack of Books
A challenge to read all unread books
Naive and experimental analysis of authorship
A first experiment on how to analyse authorship of books using Mathematica
A Half-naked Ned Flanders
Ned Flanders is hiding in a LEGO city
Java Shots
Using Java for ad-hoc utility programs
Never Again Forget xkcd
Lately I’ve been forgetting to check xkcd thereby not being in on the loop at my office. So I implemented som Mathematica code to help me.
Internettets historie
Min fortælling om internettets historie
Writing a global abbreviation for Mac OS X
Hiding Stuff in Stuff
Using Steganography and Mathematica for fooling an audio migration Q/A program
City With Seagulls
Playing with Paper from 53
Julebesøg af Åge 2013
Nissen fra Frederiks børnehaven besøger familien
testing, testing, testing