Some writings

A Stack of Books
A challenge to read all unread books
Naive and experimental analysis of authorship
A first experiment on how to analyse authorship of books
A Half-naked Ned Flanders
Ned Flanders is hiding in a LEGO city
Java Shots
Using Java for ad-hoc utility programs
Never Again Forget xkcd
Lately I’ve been forgetting to check xkcd thereby not being in on the loop at my office
Internettets historie
Min fortælling om internettets historie
Writing a global abbreviation for Mac OS X
Hiding Stuff in Stuff
Using Steganography for fooling an audio migration Q/A program
City With Seagulls
Playing with Paper from 53
Julebesøg af Åge 2013
Nissen fra Frederiks børnehaven besøger familien
testing, testing, testing