Some writings

Rumfartens historie
Min stil fra 1983 om rumfartens historie inklusiv et diagram over Saturn V raketten.
A Stack of Books
A challenge to read all unread books
Naive and experimental analysis of authorship
A first experiment on how to analyse authorship of books using Mathematica
A Half-naked Ned Flanders
Ned Flanders is hiding in a LEGO city
Java Shots
Using Java for ad-hoc utility programs
Never Again Forget xkcd
Lately I’ve been forgetting to check xkcd thereby not being in on the loop at my office. So I implemented som Mathematica code to help me.
Internettets historie
Min fortælling om internettets historie
Writing a global abbreviation for Mac OS X
Hiding Stuff in Stuff
Using Steganography and Mathematica for fooling an audio migration Q/A program
City With Seagulls
Playing with Paper from 53
Julebesøg af Åge 2013
Nissen fra Frederiks børnehaven besøger familien
testing, testing, testing